Monthly Archives: June 2008

Wow, what a great Father’s Day!

What a great Father’s Day! I had the great pleasure of windsurfing with my two daughters and son-in-law on a gorgeously sunny, windy, classic Gorge day. What a blast!

I hope all you dads had a great time as well. Hats off to all of you!

See you on the water,

Thanks for an awesome Demo Day!

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to hang with us at the Sand Spit! We had an awesome time trying out the upcoming Crossbow IDS, Cabrinha’s hotly anticipated kite whose Intelligent Depower System simplifies self-landing and stands to revolutionize personal safety.

The Crossbow has seen some pretty major changes from last year, and based on how incredibly well they handle it’s all been for the better! In addition to complete on-demand depowering, the Crossbow IDS features stronger materials and construction, a ton of tuning options, and a wider wind range than ever before!

Also, a hearty thank you goes out to Damien Leroy, who in addition to being one of the best kiteboarders in the United States, is also one of the kindest souls in the world. No matter if you needed a a kiteboard to borrow, a launch at the Sand Spit, or a good laugh at the saloon, Damien was always there and happy to help you out.

Steve’s Big Week

Steve Nailing a Jibe in the Gorge

It was a great week to be a windsurfer/kiteboarder in the Gorge! After a chilly spring and spotty wind, things cranked up in a big way this past week, with the full range of conditions offered up.

After my latest start to the season in memory, I was committed to make up for lost time, and sailed four of the last seven days, loving (almost) every minute of it. Monday was a perfect 4.2 after-work session at the White Salmon Bridge, with a clean swell and lots of open space.

Thursday I wedged a brief-but-memorable session in between work and an evening meeting. I was fully lit up on a 3.4, with the biggest swell I can remember at the Hatchery. It was beyond big, with sailors disappearing behind clean, smooth, almost mast-high river swells!

Friday was another really fun after-work employee sailing session at the Event Site on 5 and 6 meter sails and freeride boards. It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of how much fun it is to go rip around with friends in 15-20 mph breezes. Social sailing. Pretty darn fun.

I ended the week with a rugged, really windy 3.4 session at Doug’s yesterday afternoon. It was the definition of rough water! I also squeezed in a few tennis matches and a bunch of work. This place is exhausting!

See you out there,