Steve’s Big Week

Steve Nailing a Jibe in the Gorge

It was a great week to be a windsurfer/kiteboarder in the Gorge! After a chilly spring and spotty wind, things cranked up in a big way this past week, with the full range of conditions offered up.

After my latest start to the season in memory, I was committed to make up for lost time, and sailed four of the last seven days, loving (almost) every minute of it. Monday was a perfect 4.2 after-work session at the White Salmon Bridge, with a clean swell and lots of open space.

Thursday I wedged a brief-but-memorable session in between work and an evening meeting. I was fully lit up on a 3.4, with the biggest swell I can remember at the Hatchery. It was beyond big, with sailors disappearing behind clean, smooth, almost mast-high river swells!

Friday was another really fun after-work employee sailing session at the Event Site on 5 and 6 meter sails and freeride boards. It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of how much fun it is to go rip around with friends in 15-20 mph breezes. Social sailing. Pretty darn fun.

I ended the week with a rugged, really windy 3.4 session at Doug’s yesterday afternoon. It was the definition of rough water! I also squeezed in a few tennis matches and a bunch of work. This place is exhausting!

See you out there,