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Our customers write:

From Lake Pontchartrain, LA.

pontchartrain map

Futura 101:

First, the 15” True Ames fin was the perfect match with the Retro 6.5 and might work as well with the 7.5 (which I have not used yet). I’ve had two recent sessions in 15-25 knots of wind, very short steep chop. I find I can press very hard on the tail of the board and it holds extremely well on jump landings. I’ve done a bunch of floaty high jumps using the 6.5 and landed with speed so I am very impressed.

I sailed today for the first time with the 5.5 on the Futura probably in 18-25 knots of breeze. Suffice to say that dropping a square meter in sail size seemed to make the board come alive as the breeze picked up. Jumps were more frequent and more fun and jibes seemed very easy even in the really bumpy stuff. I sailed with the 15” True Ames fin, probably would have been a better match with the stock 13” Drake fin but it didn’t seem to hurt the boards turning or jumping ability and it was really easy to work upwind if needed.

I am 1000% satisfied with thpontchartrain mape Futura. The board seems to have no vices. What has impressed me the most has been sailing really powered up and at speed with the waves and chop. On my old gear, you had to work REALLY hard not to catch the front end of the board. The Futura just shows no tendency whatsoever to do this so the control in this stuff is just amazing and you can really put the pedal down hard.

I have not tried the Kombat yet, there was plenty of wind today for it so I’m kicking myself for not bringing it to the lakefront. Looking forward to trying it out obviously.

–Bob H., Covington, LA