Light air — Not just for stand up

We had an unusually warm stretch of weather beginning Sunday, April 19th. The high for the day was 80F and for most of the day there was little wind. Around 4PM the wind woke up and gusted up to about 20, enough to bring hopeful windsurfers and kiters down to the water. The windsurfers that waited around before rigging were rewarded for their patience as the wind gradually faded. A couple of kiteboarders took a shot at it. Two put in at the Event Site and made it about a hundred yards before climbing out on the sand bar.

Event Site light air kiteboarding
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But, this guy put in a solid hour long session. The camera isn’t lying. With the wind no more than 5 knots this would certainly be his final run in, but no, he turned and crossed the Columbia again. Call it lawn mowing or lament the lack of waves, but planing is planing — sunny, warm and the place to yourself.