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2012 North Rebel

TJ took the 2012 North Rebel out for a ride and filed this report:

Date: 1-10-12
Location: Event Site, Hood River OR
Wind: Westerly 13-24mph (avg. 16)
Kite: 2012 North Rebel 8m
Board: North Pacific Stealth 5’6
Lines: Stock 25m lines

Just flew the 2012 8m Rebel for the first time today. It was cold and gusty, so it seemed appropriate to put one of the more trust-worthy kites to the test. Just as predicted, the 2012 Rebel stands out as a rock solid, high performance kite. With tremendous pull and a bit less bar pressure than in years past, the 2012 Rebel will be my “go-to” kite when the conditions become unpredictable and gnarly! What do I look for in a kite when it’s not ideal conditions? Stability, re-launchability, and range to get through the gusts and lulls. The 2012 Rebel has all of these qualities, along with one more solid peace of mind. . .5-line safety! When you need to get total, complete depower in half a second, nothing works as well as a 5th line.

The kite cranks up-wind, and pulls smoothly downwind. There is absolutely no luffing and fluttering in the side panels when turning aggressively. With the Rebel’s ability to de-power with 30% less throw than the standard 4-line bridled kite, it makes it nice for toe-side riding, ideal for wave/surf riding. People with short arms (ie: kids and women) will like this short throw de-power too! I had the Adaptive Tips set at the stock “A” position (that closest to the rider). It gives me positive feedback, with heavier bar pressure. If racing, or riding in an overpowered situation, I might move the knot up to the “B” position (closest to the kite) for lower bar pressure and easier turning. All in all, the North Rebel iss a fine tuned, polished kite for 2012.

Available at Big Winds.