2012 North Evo

Date: 2-15-2012
Location: Hood River Event Site
Wind: 14-26mph (average: 19.5mph)
Kite: 2012 North Evo 9m
Board: North Pacific Stealth 5’6

Today was a great day to test the new 2012 North Evo 9m here in the Gorge. Flown with the Quad Bar on 24m lines, the Evo really is everything North Kite describes: Powerful, stable and smooth.

The moment the kite went up into the sky I could feel how reactive it was, with a quick and predictable turning speed. The Adaptive Tips were set at the stock “Light Sheeting Force Setting” which may be an attributing factor for the faster turning impulse, and tighter turning. This “B” setting was by no means too light. As a matter of fact, there was a better feedback to steering impulse than most 4-line brindled kites I’ve flown.

After a few tacks to get the feel for the kite, the wind starting picking up so I decided to send it to see how it jumps. Wow, feels like a C-kite’s smooth up and down with a little forward flight. It definitely doesn’t lack in the air time category (I can only imagine if the Adaptive Tips were set at the “A” setting for even higher altitude!). After a few jumps it was time to loop it. With the Evo’s low aspect center and new square wing-tips, there is a lot of canopy to grab the wind and provide powerful, yet smooth kite loops! Again, feels kind of like a C-kite in this respect…I just wanted to loop this kite.
The one thing that was clear to me was how much low-end grunt it has. The Evo kept me plenty powered up through the holes. The high end of the Evo was a bit punchy, and I definitely found myself pushing farther forward on the line to achieve maximum depower (as compared to the 5-line Rebel).

All in all, I would put the Evo in the category of all-terrain versatility. If you are after a kite that performs well with a directional board, or twin-tip under your feet, the Evo is a good choice for both wave riding, and flat water freestyle.

Available at Big Winds.