2012 Cabrinha Crossbow

Date:  2/18/12
Location:  Camas Valley, Idaho
Wind:  SW 15-25mph
Kite:  2012 Cabrinha Crossbow 11m

Photo by Gorge-Us Photography

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to head to Fairfield, Idaho to do some snowkiting.  Saturday morning, we woke up to a snowstorm/white-out.  After the storm passed, the blue skies began to open up, and the wind became a steady 20 mph, with little lulls, and very few gusts.  The Cabrinha Crossbow has always struck me as a solid kite, with it’s 7-strut configuration, and rock-solid stability.  This became the perfect arena to put it to the test.  We were stationed at the snowmobile park, just west of Fairfield, with a kicker built 100 yards from where our RV was parked.  I felt the Crossbow was super floaty off of the kicker, with landings being very smooth. (Well, most of the time!)  After launching off of the kicker, I sensed it was appropriate to see how the kite flew up-hill.  There is a little knoll just past the kicker, and I managed to climb up it effortlessly, and send the kite off the top.  The Crossbow is great for long, soaring jumps, as I landed well past where I thought I might.  From the last time I flew the Cabrinha Crossbow, I remembered how fun a kite it was for exploring on the water.  With rolling hills in the distance, I decided to leave the flats an see how well I could explore the mountains.  Ducking power-lines, and jumping low barbed wire fences, I followed a snowmobile track a few miles to the nearest hills.  This is where I found skis to be a big advantage over my snowboarding experiences of the past (the ability to have my legs independent for avoiding rock obstacles was a huge plus).  The Crossbow allowed me to climb the mountain to the very top, for a breathtaking view of the Rockies in the distance (something only snowmobilers and snowkiters can really access with ease).  After a few inches of fresh snow that morning, I found the windblown stashes of powder all to myself on the downhill turns, with the Crossbow perfectly gliding alongside.  I felt a sense of comfort from every angle because of the kite.  Not only did it reliably stay put in the sky, but it reverse relaunched every time I put it down on the snow (pulling both outside lines when the kite was on it’s leading edge directly downwind of me).  This kite proved itself on the snow (and in the air), and for climbing and descending mountains!  A SOLID choice for land and water.