2012 North Whip

Location: Roosevelt, WA
Date: 3/3/12
Time: 2-4:30pm
Wind: 33-47mph!
Kite: Cabrinha Drifter 7m
Board: 2012 North Whip 5’6″

I love the Eastern Gorge! Roosevelt/Arlington during the spring months are two of my favorite places to session as the average temperatures are much warmer out in the desert. What a great opportunity for putting the new 2012 North Whip to the test. First impression, the moment I picked up the board was, wow, this thing is light (7 lbs. w/ fin-set and footstraps!).

The footstraps are easy to adjust, even around my thick 6/5/4 boots. The Whip 5’6″ feels like a great size for boosting air and slashing swell, and just as was the 2011, super loose and skate-y. When the gusts would punch, the Whip can still lock down and grip, but once you lighten up your back foot, you can really allow the tail to slide, especially on the smooth swell faces on the Arlington side. Time to pick up a 5.5m Drifter for these nuclear Eastern Gorge days!

Available at Big Winds.