2012 Quatro Tempo Twin 76

This is one amazing board! Erin was the first of the three of us to sail it on our opening day at Kanaha in really rough, onshore conditions with a sizable swell running. She earned the enduro award for staying out for a sold two hour session. She loved the board. The way it turned, planed, it’s overall feel.

Erin, Rob, Francisco & Lalo Goya, Keith Taboul with a pile of sweet new gear to test!

The next day, I got on it in windy conditions at Camp One. It pretty well blew my mind right off the bat. It seemed I could do no wrong. I’ve not had much love for twin fins in the past, they seemed too squirrelly, with not many redeeming feature sat least in the Gorge conditions I normally sail in. The Tempo, however, proved to be an entirely different animal and it was flat awesome: grippy yet loose, fast, quick and the turns were really, really nice.


I give the 2012 Tempo 76 rave reviews and my highest recommendation for anyone looking for a high performance ride.


Coming soon to Big Winds!