2012 Naish Chopper

Every now and then it comes along, a true game changer. The real deal. Very different from all before it. Rob and I have been sailing it for the past three days.

The Naish Chopper. I hadn’t even heard of it till we went to the Naish loft to pick up gear.

It’s a sail. It comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. All four sizes rig on a 370. A really refreshing concept in simplicity: it’s windy, I’ll rig my small sail; it’s pretty windy, I’ll rig my medium sail; it’s kinda light, I’ll rig my large sail.

Simplify windsurfing gear. Everyone’s been asking for that for years. But does it work? Yes, it does. The Chopper is arguably the most impressive sail Rob and I have ever tested. I spent all yesterday afternoon on the Small (it was windy), while Rob was on the medium. The first day at Kanaha was pretty light, so Rob sailed the Large. Two days ago he sailed at Kaua in mast high+ with raging conditions on a Small Chopper and said he never even thought about his gear, it was so totally dialed.

Yesterday while I was on the Chopper S, Neil (my new friend from the UK who sails here frequently and is ten pounds heavier than me) was on a 2012 Session 3.7. It was windy. We launched at the same time. After a few reaches, he came in and took a bunch more out haul as the wind had spiked up a notch. I was just loving life on the S. We zoomed around for quite a while, then the wind backed off and Neil took a break. I was still loving life. The Chopper didn’t seem to care that the wind was pulsing, it just stayed perfectly calm. The sail was blowing my mind by now. So solid, so stable, so light in my hands. No tugging or yanking. Awesome.

I finally came in and gave my setup to Neil. He absolutely couldn’t believe it. I had to wave him in after a while so I could go back out. He was having WAY too much fun. He’s going to buy a quiver to take back to the UK.

The Naish Chopper is simply amazing. I look forward to spending a lot more time on it.


Coming soon to Big Winds!