2012 Appleby 12’6″ Race

I loved this board from the moment I unwrapped the bubble pack. It’s flat out beautiful, with stunning graphics and an impeccable finish. But this is a race board; it needs to be fast.

And it is. After extensive collaboration, Candice Appleby and Joe Bark have come up with a race winning 12’6”. In Candice’s words: “Steve, I think you’re going to love my board. It’s great in the flats, in surf-style racing and catches bumps really well. Have fun testing it out. Aloha, Candice”.

I did have fun testing it out and I do love it!

Having won pretty much every SUP race the past couple of years, Candice knows what works and what wins. Her signature Appleby 12’6″ Race is awesome. Anyone (guy or girl!) looking for a truly competitive race board need look no further. This is it.


Available at Big Winds.