2012 Naish Ride

Date:  4/12/12

Location:  Event Site, Hood River

Time:  1-2pm

Wind:  9-22mph

Today I had the chance to test the new Naish 10m Ride. It’s a two strut kite that comes in even sizes, 4m through 12m. This kite is geared for the beginner to intermediate free-ride kiter.

I tested the kite on the new Ride 4-line bar, which is a simplified Universal (no swivel/pully above the trim line), on 24m lines.

The center of the kite’s canopy is wide open, with a single batten adding a little structure.  The 10m Ride pumps up in no time, and once rigged and ready, self launches like a champ.

What makes a good beginner kite?  These three things:  1. Easy water relaunch.  2. Nice upwind ability.  3. Plenty of depower when flown through the power zone.

All of these factors are covered in a nice simple package.  I could swing the kite right downwind in front of me, let the bar out, and feel little to no pull.  The kite keeps a solid structure, amazingly, as one might think it to be lacking stability while lacking a center strut, but not once did I feel or sense anything structurally instable in this kite.

I would recommend the new Naish Ride to anyone looking for a simple, cost effective, entry level kite.