2012 Cabrinha Skillet

Date: 4/15/12
Location: The Hatchery, WA.
Kite: North Rebel 10m
Kiteboard: Cabrinha Skillit 5’6
Wind Speed: 10-23mph

Cork is it! The limiting factor on the “epoxy chatter” may very well be the cork laminate. My initial hope on the 2012 Skillit 5’6 was that the new Eco Series cork construction would dampen the chop better than the pine veneer from last year, and did it ever. Light, lively and soft were the words pouring through my head after every pop, jump, and landing. Grippy, slashy, and flowing were the turns I was making on the swell, blown away in disbelief that I was loving on a Thruster board that was relatively short. Two straight hours of early Sunday morning bliss, all to myself, with the perfect set-up. Looking forward to more “Cork” boards (S-Quad review soon to come).

Check out the video of Big Winds’ Matt Elsasser ripping it up with the Skillet.

Available at Big Winds.