2012 Boardworks Raven 10’6

I had a chance to take the new 2012 Boardworks Raven 10’6 to the Klickatat River for a paddle in the calm, yet swift moving water. This board is very impressive right off the bat. 23 lbs. makes this bamboo beauty easy to get to the water and back onto the car racks.

With plentiful volume, the Raven 10’6 was nice for staying high above the currents of the river, lending a sense of comfort and stability for navigating over the river eddy lines without tipping! Extra volume would allow you to carry gear on the nose under the conveniently included bungee system.

The Raven carries its speed well and tracked a very nice, straight line. I think most people looking for a board in this 10’6 to 12’6 category, with no intention of surfing it, might opt for the touring style boards with a canoe shaped nose and displacement hull. Come check them out at Big Winds!