2012 Cabrinha Drifter

Date: May 13th, 2012
Location: Manzanita, OR.
Wind: 19-29 mph, on-shore/slight side shore
Kite: Cabrinha Drifter 9m
Board: North Pacific Epoxy 5’10 strapless

Not TJ ripping it up. Photo: Cabrinha Kites

This was my first week-end out to the Oregon Coast, riding legitimate waves with one of my favorite kites for 2012. The 9m Drifter does exactly what the name reflects: Drifts down the line, even when lines get slack. Not only does the simplicity shine in this three strut kite, but the performance is instantly recognized once the kite is in the sky. Faster turning speeds allow for clean down-loops, and the medium bar pressure is sure to extend your session.

The 2012 Drifter has already proven itself here in the Gorge, for both hooked in and un-hooked swell riding, and incredible flatwater freestyle/wakestyle. The Drifter will be packed with me for any/every Oregon Coast mission. Come demo one this summer from Big Winds!

Available at Big Winds.