Paddle for the Podium Clinic June 10th!

Many of you have inquired about an SUP clinic that will take your paddling to the next level and I told you I’d be in touch when I scheduled one. So, here you go: Paddle for the Podium! This clinic is for those who are interested in developing competitive technique, strategies for starts, buoy turns, downwind runs, swell riding, etc. A solid paddling platform is required. This is neither an entry level nor intermediate clinic.

I will be teaching this clinic along with help from some of the athletes that I have worked with for the past year. I’ve worked hard on developing sound paddling strokes and race strategies for the past couple of years, learning from the top guys and women, racing throughout the west coast, and coaching a variety of groups, including the very successful Big Winds Jr. Elite Team. I guaranty you’ll learn a ton, have a blast and get thoroughly worked.

Call or email me with any questions, or to sign up.

I look forward to working with you!