2012 Naish Fly

Date:  Friday June 15th
Location:  Hood River Sandbar
Kite:  Naish Fly
Bar:  Universal w/ 24m lines
Board:  Naish Alaia
Wind:  West,  4-10 mph (average 8 mph)

Naish just released the new light-wind specific Fly kite and I just had a chance to ride it on an unusual, sub 10 knot day here in Hood River.  This kite doesn’t have a designated size, but it looks like a 15m in the sky.  Big wingtips gives it a Park like appearance from the side, but looking at the main canopy, it adopts its shape from the new, two-strut Ride kite.  My first impression was how well it turns, quick for a light wind kite.  This turning speed really helps maintain a consistent pull, and on the Alaia board, not much is needed.

No white caps in sight, and planing across the pond….big smiles!  I looked over my shoulder to see no one but SUP paddlers!  My only concerns with big kites are back flying (stalling in lulls) and light wind relaunch.  Well, I’m not to concerned any more with the Fly.  I couldn’t get the kite to stall, even with an extra tug on the outside lines.  It  relaunched easily with just a single pull on an outside line.  This kite packs down so small, you can fit it into a 12m Park bag.  Indeed a kiteboarder’s vacation saver, without destroying the wallet!
Feel free to call toll free for more information….Available, NOW! at Big Winds.  1-888-509-4210