2012 Starboard Wide Point 8’10” SUP

Just returned from another wonderful week-end of SUP surfing on the Oregon Coast, this time with the 2012 Starboard Wide-Point 8’10” SUP.  Short and wide is a good thing!  The under 9′ length allowed me to make bottom turns without having to trim the board off to the rail so aggressively and the tapered tail helps a ton too.  For my first session out I was set up as a thruster configuration, allowing for a nice tracking, stable feel.  Round two, I swapped out for the Gerry Lopez Quad (GL-1 Quad), which loosened everything up on the wave, and made the board much easier to carve.
The 8’10” Wide Point is offered in the silver construction (as seen in this photo), which would be a great windsurf board once the wind picks up, with mast base connection, and footstrap inserts added to the SUP.
Great board to build confidence up with, not too long, not too wide…Just right!
Available at Big Winds!