2013 Starboard Wide Point

The 2013 Wide Point Series from Starboard proves to be a favorite for our Oregon Coastal conditions, as it retains a high performance feel on the wave, yet remains stable and forgiving in bumpy waters. After a wonderful summer of surfing the 8’10” Wide Point, I chose to step down in size to the 8’2″ x 32″ this year. At 130 L, the 8’2″ has a great sense of float for a guy my size (165 lbs.), and has been ridden by friends of mine pushing 200 lbs. With the continuous single concave, there is an added sense of stability complimenting the oversized width.

widepoint I can use this to my advantage when blasting through the whitewater, or trying to keep my balance in the moving currents and rips. Like any board, it took a little getting used to, but I’m hoping after a summer of surfing the 8’2, I’ll be able to eventually feel good on the new 7’8″! We have the new 2013 8’2 Wide Point AST Silver in stock for only $1599, a great value for a high performance shape weighing in at only 20 lbs!