2013 Naish Ride, 2nd Edition

The Ride caught us all by surprise here at Big Winds last summer. We all expected a 2 strut kite to be unstable in our gusty Gorge winds. We have now had the opportunity to fly the Ride in all conditions from 6m nuking winds to 12m light days on the Coast and stability has never been an issue.

TJ takes the Naish Ride for a ride.

TJ takes the Naish Ride for a ride.

The Ride 2nd Edition comes to us now with an even more simple bridle, with guides and no pulleys. I had the opportunity to fly the 9m here off the the Event Site in Hood River in rather stormy conditions: average winds of around 20 mph, gusting to 27, lulls to 12 mph. I was immediately attracted to the sheet-in and go feel of the kite. It accelerates upwind efficiently, which is a key characteristic for a good entry level kite. It drifts well downwind, something we are all attracted to for wave riding.

The Ride is able to punch out the gusts effectively, and certainly maintains its position in the lulls. All in all, it is a kite that can handle pretty much anything thrown at it.

If entering the sport as a newbie, you’re in luck! The kites are getting easier to use, more durable, and simpler. Simplification also means less money at the register. The 9m Ride retails for only $1050! Give us a call about ordering yours today at 1-888-509-4210.