About Us: Ben Skaggs

Why do you kite? I have been hooked on kiting because of how the sport has influenced me to push myself and it is a perfect mix with surfing.


Favorite Gorge beach: Doug’s East.

You’re inspired by: Laird Hamilton and Rob Machado.


Post session grub spot: Lampoie’s Thai Kitchen.

When did you start kiting and what has kept you going since? I started kiting in 2006, and became a IKO instructor in 2007. Teaching this amazing sport has kept me going as well as the endless possibilities this sport has to offer.


Where did you grow up (assuming you did), and what brought you to the Gorge? I was born in the Philippines and traveled around the world with my parents on a sailboat. We moved to Baja when I was 7 and I grew up there until now. What brought me to Hood River is the amazing wind we have here as well as the beautiful people that also gather here to follow their sport.

Favorite no-wind activity: Surfing, SUPing, Mountain biking.

What do you do for activities in the winter? I teach kiteboading in Los Barriles.