About Us: H20 Joe Morgan


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I enjoy SUP, windsurfing and kiteboarding because each allows me to live in the moment.

When did you start all these watersports and what has kept you going since?

I Started windsurfing on Labor Day, 1980, SUPing in 2010 and kiteboarding in 2014. I started windsurfing, SUPing and kiting for the challenge and healthy lifestyle and that is what still keeps me motivated.

joe08Where did you grow up, and what brought you to the Gorge?

Who said I was “grown up?” I’m still working on that one. I spent my childhood in Georgia then spent about 10 years living in Spain. After moving back to Georgia in the early ’90s I realized after 5-6 years that wasn’t were I wanted to live so I packed up and moved to the Gorge. That was in 1998.

joe01Favorite Gorge Beach: Three Mile Canyon

joe03Post-Session Grub Spot: Solstice or Everybody’s.

joe06Favorite No-Wind Activity: White water SUP.

What do you do for activities in the winter? Ski, snowshoe, bird watch. We have an incredible bald eagle population here in the winter.

Inspired By: Everyone who has a good time on the water regardless of the conditions inspires me.


Anything else you want to share? Live everyday to the fullest!