About Us: Tom K.

Why do you windsurf? I’ve been around the water most of my life and I used to surf with a passion as a teenager. I was living in San Francisco and would drive my motorcycle out to Crissy Field and would watch the windsurfers going for it and thought what a great sport! Windsurfing puts you very much in the moment. You constantly have to make spit second decisions and movements, the rush of riding swells and catching air all in a gorgeous setting like the Gorge, what could be better! If you love the outdoors and like to be challenged it’s a natural fit.
Favorite Gorge beach: An even split between Doug’s and the Hatchery.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAPost session grub spot: There is a new brewery down on the waterfront called Pfriem that has great beer and delicious food . Try a pint of Wit and the cheese fondue and you’ll be a happy camper.
When did you start windsurfing and what has kept you going since? Well I don’t really want to date myself, let’s just say I picked it up in my mid-twenties and haven’t missed a season since. My first trip to the Gorge was when I was living in Santa Fe, NM. Suffice it to say even when I was land locked I managed to get some good sailing in. Thank god for windsurfing, it’s helped me keep my sanity!

Where did you grow up (assuming you did), and what brought you to the Gorge? I’ve been a bit of a nomad my whole life. Started my life in Minnesota and got yanked from my scandinavian roots and was plopped down in St George town, Grenada, then it was on to South Florida, Santa Barbara, CA, San Francisco, CA, Santa Fe, NM, back to the Bay Area and finally to Hood River.

I came to the Gorge when I was living in the Bay Area and finally decided to pull the plug on city life. Working long hours in dark rooms (visual effects) is not conducive to enjoying the great outdoors.

teetalicousFavorite no-wind activity: In the Gorge I live off the grid in my yurt palace out in the country on a nice little chunk of land. Let me tell you that land keeps me busy!

What do you do for activities in the winter? I work in the ski industry in Park City, Utah and telemark ski whenever I get a chance.