TJ’s Kiteboarding Travel Tips

It’s that time of year again, water up north is cooling down, and the travel bug is upon all kiters in search of warm water!

Warm waterWhether traveling by land or air, it’s nice to have your kite gear stowed away in a safe, compact manner.

Looking at the options out there, it seems most customers opt for a wheeled “golf” style bag for traveling by air. The 2014 Ion kite travel bags are a great option for carrying boards and kites. For 2014, Ion offers 2 different sized Golf bags, and a longer version to accommodate surfboards up to 6′. The Ion Gearbag 1/3 Golf is the smaller roller bag option allowing for a twin tip up to 145cm x45cm, and 3 kites:

The Ion Gearbag 2/4 Golf is a larger option, offering up to 2 twin-tips (165cm x48cm and smaller) and up to 4 kites.

If you’re traveling to a wave destination you have to bring your kite surfboard. The Ion Gearbag 6’0 will accommodate your surfboard and up to 4 kites. This bag offers specific rail protection for surboards, assuring your board arrives unharmed.

All three of these options are heavy duty, made with a 6000 D ripstop nylon.

Warm waterWhen packing my gear, I’ve always tried to keep the weight down below 50 pounds to avoid an extra weight fee. To cut down on weight, and really maximize space in your travel bag, look into purchasing a compression bag to pack your kites in instead of the heavier backpacks they come in. Ion offers two sized crushbags, the medium fitting 10m kites and smaller, and the large for the 11m to 14m kites. At only $25/$30 each, the crush bags are a great way to keep kites safe, and compact for travel.

Another trick for weight savings is to pack your control bars and harness spreader bar (all heavy hardware) into your carry-on bag. Just don’t bring your fins in your carry-on, or the TSA may have a fit thinking they are sharp, knife-like objects and take them away.

Traveling by air

Traveling by air

So, to all of you lucky kiters heading south for the winter, look to Big Winds as your source to keep all of your kite gear compact and safe for travel. Call us toll free to place your order, or order directly on-line. Big Winds is offering free shipping on all of these new 2014 Ion Kite Travel Bags.