2014 North Directionals Are In!

Big Winds just received the first shipment of 2014 North kitesurf directional boards, including the new Pro Series 5’11, the new WAM 5’8, and the new Whip 5’5. With the introduction of a cork “shock absorbing” laminate incorporated with the bamboo veneer, the 2014 North directionals feel livelier, and smoother than ever.

north lineup

The 2014 North Whip, WAM and Pro Series. Click to enlarge.

The Pro Series has been redesigned with a fuller nose, wider “thumb-tail”, and straighter rail. With the North pro riders input on this board, the new 2014 Pro Series has been tweaked to offer more control and handle a variety of conditions. The overall aesthetics of the 2014 Pro Series is a huge upgrade over last year’s model .

The WAM remains North’s go to performance all rounder board, but underwent a major overhaul for 2014. Sky Solbach: “I wanted to add more snap and liveliness to improve performance in small waves without sacrificing too much control and drive in bigger surf. In order to achieve this, I pushed more width into the tail and increased the overall rocker to loosen it up and tighten the turning radius. Then, to compensate and keep it all under control, I flattened out the curve in the rocker between the zero point and the tail. The result is a board that is fast and loose, yet very positive and predictable.” The 2014 WAM will continue to be one of Big Winds’ best sellers due to the versatility of the board’s tri/quad fin set up.

For the small wave and river swell rippers out there, North reshaped the our ever-loved Whip into a completely new design. With a tri-fin set up, the new Whip is looser and livelier than the older models, great for generating speed and absolutely perfect for punting strapless airs! Once again, it is a completely new shape, new construction, with great looks for 2014!

With all 2014 North directional kitesurf boards, the price includes the board, fin-set, and rear pad only. With a rise in strapless riding popularity, North now makes it an option to purchase the surfstraps and front surf pads separately. This has brought the price down on the boards a bit for those of you who have never used the straps and pads supplied with the board in the years past. If you’re interested in trying a new 2014 North kitesurf board, our rental/demo program will be up and running come Spring 2014. Give us a call if you are interested in purchasing or have any questions regarding 2014 North kitesurf boards.

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