Rock ‘n’ Roll with Speakers on Your SUP

Jammin’ out to your favorite tunes while paddling has always been done with headphones. Well, not any more. Big Winds has the new waterproof, shockproof and mountable EcoRox bluetooth speakers!

EcoRoxWith an easy to install suction cup mount, the EcoRox speaker can be enjoyed while cruising with your friends on the water for a social Stand Up paddle. This speaker sounds great, and is easy to use via bluetooth from your smartphone, or plugged in with a wired device. With a 10 hour battery capacity to rock out with out any cords, the EcoRox makes for a very compact and light weight way for everyone to enjoy the music.

The EcoRox speaker comes as is without any mounts, but for only $14.99, you can purchase the suction cup mount, or a mount for handlebars:

This is a great idea for anyone looking to have a waterproof way to let everyone enjoy the tunes! What happens when someone is trying to call? Yes! Answer it with your EcoRox speaker!

Have more fun on the water and rock on!