Get a Grip!

A new product made in Oregon with 100% natural ingredients has been recently introduced to us at Big Winds. Paddle Grip Wax is an essential addition to prevent the slip we get from water and sweat on the paddle shaft and handle. The rationale? It combats fatigue and reduces paddle rotation and hand displacement.

gripAfter trying Paddle Grip Wax for the first time, I’m hooked. It is now difficult to paddle without this wax. We offer it in three different formulas: Cold Water (below 64 degrees), Warm Water (above 64 degrees) and SUP Anti-Sweat (All-Temp/All Purpose). Not only does a little go a long way, but a light coating goes on clean and doesn’t attract debris. Another thing I noticed was the reduction in hand blisters. So, avoid paddle slippage and skin maceration, and get some paddle grip wax today!