Save the Rails!

You’ve just spent your last paycheck on your dream SUP. It’s worth spending a few extra dollars and a little time to prevent any damage to the rails. At Big Winds, we use Railsaver on all of our high-end race and surf SUP boards since the rails are typically the part of the board that gets hammered over time by your paddle. The rail tape is easy to install, doesn’t yellow over time and will certainly help the resale value of the board.

RailSaver Pro

We sell Railsaver in kits or by bulk. The kits we offer from Railsaver PRO come in clear or striped and are by far the best quality rail tape we have found. Railsaver PRO comes in two 6’3″ x 2.5″ lengths and retails for $59.99 for the clear and $65.00 for the striped.

RailSaver Pro

We also offer bulk Railsaver Pro in two widths: 2″ wide ($2.88/ft.) and 3″ wide ($4.32/ft). This rail tape is made by PukaPatch, and goes on smooth and clear. We have a formula that helps customers pick their length: 1/2 the length of your board per side. So, with a 14′ race board that has a moderate thickness, the 3″ wide tape at two 7′ lengths is optimal. For an 8′ surf SUP, all you need is the 2″ wide at two 4′ lengths. When we apply the rail tape, we start towards the nose of the board, and begin adhering where your maximum reach is. This will give you a bit of distance beyond your feet, in the case of a not so perfect exit of the blade at your toes.

Please give us a call to order yours today or place your order online.