2015 Quatro Sphere 80

Within half a reach I knew the Quatro crew had a great board with the Sphere 80. After a couple of reaches I was in love. Having never ridden a thruster set-up before, I wasn’t sure if the Sphere 80 would be something I would really like. Normally I like “fast” waveboards and I was expecting the thruster fin set up to feel a little slow for my taste. This was not the case at all. For a wave board, the Sphere had plenty of top end and it carried speed very well in the turns. Keith Taboul, Quatro’s shaper apparently designed it this way: “I stuck to a v-bottom for early planing and a double concave to soften the ride at high speeds and then worked meticulously on the rail foiling, ending up having the rails faster from nose to tail to making the board feel distinctly crisp and responsive.”


The thruster set-up was noticeable when slashing a swell in that it was both loose and tracked exceptionally well; the board went exactly where I wanted it to, exactly when I wanted it to. I was powered on a 4.2 and in the gusts I was amazed and how in control I felt on the Sphere. It stuck to the water very well yet was easy to release when jumping. I was warned that sometimes thruster/quad set-ups can spin out easier due to the smaller fins and foot pressure adjustment is necessary for those with heavy rear pressure, but not with the Sphere. I felt like I could handle any gust, any bump and any swell. Due to how in control I felt on the Sphere, I went for maneuvers I might not normally try. It made me a better sailor, which makes windsurfing so much more fun.Quatro Sphere at Big Winds

I would highly recommend this board to anyone coming from a single fin background who might be hesitant to use a thruster setup. There is just no downside that I could find, the Sphere was fast, loose and easy to sail. I felt more in control on the Sphere than on any board in that size that I can remember. It felt like it was made for the chop and swell of the Gorge, I can’t wait to try it on an ocean wave.

–Matt Morrow

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