2015 Starboard Kode FreeWave 86

When the Kode FreeWave was pulled out of the bag at Rowena the other evening it turned heads on the beach. I received comments on what an amazing looking board it was, the graphics really pop and the wood showing slightly through the bottom paint was “so cool”. I agreed. Starboard took a board that looked pretty darn good in 2014 and made it look red hot with updated graphics for 2015. Pictures don’t do it justice, this board needs to be seen in person.Kode Freewave at Big Winds
Graphics aren’t the only improvements that Starboard made, this year’s Kode 81, 86 and 94 include a new thruster fin setup and the Kode 86, 94 and 103 models have a thicker tail rail release edge for more float out of a turn, quicker acceleration and more pop. I basically ran the board to the water in excitement (and in wanting to get some runs in before the wind dropped out).

Kode Freewave at Big WindsWhen I slid my feet into the Kode’s contour-shaped sponge pads for the first time, I thought I had put on my morning Ugg boots; they were the most comfy pad and strap combo I have ever experienced. It is amazing how much good straps and pads can contribute to your overall enjoyment of the board. And enjoy I did. This board is smooth and easy to ride and felt perfectly matched to the 5.3 I was using. Even in the dying winds, I was able to experience the main strength of this board: versatility. It felt like it was a jack-of-all-trades: great turner, quick to plane, fun to turn and easy to ride. I envision this board working really well for the intermediate/advanced sailor looking for one board to do it all. It could also be an awesome light wind or big guy wave board. Really, no matter who slips their feet into the Kode 86, it will definitely put a smile on their face, this board rips and is one comfy ride.

–Matt Morrow

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