2015 Naish Global

Next season Naish will be reintroducing the Global to its board offerings. Much like previous iterations, and the Naish Koncept that followed, the 2015 Global is designed as a do-it-all wave board, effective in conditions all over the world. However, in terms of design, the 2015 Global is a significant departure from its predecessors. While the name and the pitch are familiar, it is important to note that this is not the continued evolution of the boards that came before it, but a completely new shape, and a big step up in terms of performance. The 2015 Global is available in Small (78 liters), Medium (88L) and Large (98L).

Naish Global at Big WindsI am 175 pounds and I have been riding the Small Global as a high-wind board here in the Gorge in mostly 4.2 conditions. I have tried the board on good days and in some pretty funky up and down conditions. The board performed well in both powered up and more marginal conditions.

In terms of appearance, the most unique feature of the 2015 Global is the square tail. The increased tail volume helps the board plane up and coast through lulls. Combined with the board’s tri-fin setup, the square tail provides exceptional grip and drive as well as super stable feeling in carving turns and jibes.

Naish Global at Big WindsWith any new board I expect to have to make small adjustments to my sailing to get the most out of the board. The Global felt pretty good right off the bat. With its notably flat deck and wider tail, I had to loosen my back foot strap a little bit in order to make sure I could get over the centerline and apply pressure on the toe side rail to turn and trim the board. Once I got that dialed in, it was easy to adjust to the board and really put it through its paces.

At a diminutive 222 cm (under 7’4″!) the Small Global feels super compact and controllable. Like other stubby onshore and all-around wave boards, the Global carries speed on swells and through tight turns, planes early and is quick for a wave board. Where I think it sets itself apart the most is in the ride quality. While other boards have felt skittish, prone to spin outs or had an uncomfortable, pounding ride, the global manages to package all of the characteristics I liked in other similar boards with a ride that I’d be happy to live with full time. The new high density deck pads are super grippy and help with creating a super responsive feel.

Naish Global at Big WindsAll 2015 Naish boards come with high end G10 fins from Maui Fin Company. These fins are a significant upgrade from previous Naish stock fins and the fins that come with most other boards. With the stock fin set-up the board feels rock solid, and didn’t even hint at spinning out during the time I spent testing it. I’m looking forward to trying the board with a smaller center fin and seeing if I can slide it around a bit more. If you’re looking to try a multi fin board for the first time, or have had trouble with cavitation on other multi-fin set ups, this board is definitely one to try!

I think the 2015 Global is one of the best performing boards I’ve sailed in the past few years for the unique conditions we have here in the Gorge. I’m also looking forward to trying the larger sizes out on the Oregon coast as well.

— George

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