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The newly redesigned Patagonia wetsuits and newly introduced drysuit caught our attention this year and thought they would be a perfect fit to the Big Winds offering for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. Patagonia has always stood by a mission that has inspired us: To build the best product, to cause no unnecessary harm and to use business to implement solutions to the environmental crisis. After hearing about the new upgrades from local Patagonia ambassador Jason Slezak, we thought there is no better time then now to offer our clientele a new wetsuit and drysuit option at Big Winds.

Patagonia wetsuits have a new exterior fabric this season. It is 88% recycled polyester, ultra durable and water-resistant. The wrists, ankles and knees are built with a very durable and long lasting Supratex material that overlaps well with gloves and booties. These updated suits are now 100% externally seam sealed, triple glued, blind stitched and internally taped on high stress areas.

Big Winds carries the new R2 and R3 back zip wetsuits. The R2 is rated for water temps of 55-60 degrees and has worked perfectly so far on the Columbia River this fall. The 3.5 mm neoprene is located in the torso and thighs and is reduced to 3 mm in the arms. The R2 is lined with a

Patagonia R2 wetsuit at Big Winds

Patagonia R2 wetsuit. Click to enlarge.

green interior fabric in the body. This fabric is 67% recycled polyester and very hydrophobic, allowing for minimal water uptake and quick drying. The arms and legs are lined with a blue lining, which is 100% recycled polyester and ultra stretchy. The easy-access center back zip entry has an internal gasket to prevent water from flushing down the back, maximizing comfort. The R2 suit is easily as warm as any other 4/3 mm suit out there and retails for $389.

Patagonia R3 wetsuit at Big Winds

Patagonia R3 wetsuit. Click to enlarge.

The R3 suit is rated for water temps of 48-55 degrees and will be our go to winter and early Spring suit. The thickness bumps out to 4.5 mm in the torso/thighs and is lined with a mid-weight chlorine-free merino wool. It’s the wool that makes this suit feel like you are inside a toaster oven, offering the warmth of a 5/4 mm suit, without the bulk and thickness of a 5/4 mm. The same green polyester lining used in the R2’s torso is used in the R3’s arms and legs for maximum stretch and warmth. The new R3 back-zip full suit retails for $489.

After watching Jason Slezak testing the drysuit in the Gorge last winter and hearing the positive feedback from our Alaska friends up north, we feel this is a good season to re-introduce a drysuit into the Big Winds offering. Patagonia has recently entered the kiteboarding market, hiring ambassadors like Jason and Julien from Liquid Force and Reo Stevens from Cabrinha.

Patagonia Drysuit at Big Winds

Patagonia Drysuit.

This new kiting suit is made with durable waterproof, breathable and windproof, 3-layer Gore-Tex. It’s rated for cold water and air temps of 48-55 degrees and can certainly be pushed into an even colder environment with proper layering underneath. It comes with a Gore-Tex waterproof hood that is stowable. Wear it up when rigging your kite to stay warm.  Then zip it down and out of the way just before hitting the water, so it doesn’t flap and fill with water. The neck gasket is a comfortable 2 mm neoprene and is easy to pull over. It is coupled with a front collar flap with snaps to prevent wind and water entry. The wrist and ankle gaskets are latex, which prevents any water entry (no more balloon legs!). Like most drysuits, the Patagonia drysuit is a rear zipper entry. The zipper used is a YKK/Aquaseal waterproof zipper that is easier than any other drysuit zipper I’ve used. There are a few other nice features, including a chest pocket, leg pocket, relief zipper and suspenders. Priced at only $699, this is the best built, highest quality drysuit we’ve seen for the price. If you want to make kiteboarding or windsurfing an all season sport, this is the ticket to challenge the coldest of water and air conditions.

Patagonia Drysuit at Big Winds

Patagonia Drysuit

Big Winds is one of the first retailers to offer the all new Patagonia wetsuits and drysuit and we feel confident that Patagonia has a quality product that they stand behind with an ironclad guarantee. Give us a call, stop in or order online.


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