About Us: T.J. Gulizia

I kite & sup because it feels like the moment you’re in is where you’re supposed to be.

 T.J. Gulizia
Favorite Gorge Beach: The Spit
tj1Where do you get your post-session grub….& beer: Pfriem Family Brewing!
tj7Favorite no-wind Gorge activity: Whitewater SUP / Mountain Biking
tj4Who is inspiring to you? Anyone on the water sharing the stoke.
When did you start windsurfing/kiting/suping and what has kept you going since? Kiting since ’03, SUPing since ’09, and Windsurfing since ’13.
tj3Where did you grow up, and what brought you to the Gorge? Grew up in NE. and CO. Whitewater kayaking brought me to the Gorge in ’01, wind kept me here!
What do you do for activities in the winter? Ski, Snowkite, Surf, Whitewater SUP, Mountain Bike
Anything else you want to share? Stoked to be working with a talented and committed crew here at Big Winds!tj6