Review: Sailworks 2015 Revolution

IMG_1010This year’s Revos sure look different. But are they better? Staffer Eddy Patricelli spent two weeks riding a quiver of Revos in 12-40 mph winds. Here’s his take. To test ride one for yourself, hop over to Big Winds. Up to $100 in demos can be applied to a sail’s purchase.


Photo by Katie Crafts

What I Like 

Planing Power: The Revos have it. Period. Prior to this photo being taken, I hadn’t planed much on the 5.7 model. When my son hopped aboard I backed off the downhaul and outhaul slightly, connected my boom to the clew’s upper grommet and shazam! Off we went, full plane. My son’s added 35 pounds be damned.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 4.52.19 PM

2015 Revolutions are available in 3.0-6.2 sizes and start at $564. Recommended mast: NoLimitz Sumo RDM.

Control: Over two weeks of testing I have yet to re-rig. A 4.5 in 35 mph winds — I hung on. A 5.0 in 13-20 mph — I planed throughout. From a tractor-like pull, to a soft, supple power sensation, the Revos’ adjustable power profile has kept me sailing, and smiling. I can share these sails with my wife without either of us feeling compromised. A big deal.

Speed: I welcome drag races riding the Revos. I can’t say the same for other wave sails. Coast through lulls, loft higher jumps, blast upwind — the Revo’s slippery nature opens big doors.

What I Don’t Like
The sail’s foot outline is fuller than most wave sails. It adds to the sail’s impressive speed and power. The rub is that it’s cumbersome for spinny freestyle tricks.

Bottom Line: No surprise, I dig the Revos. This wave sail line hasn’t lost sight of the bump and jump sailing most of us do. They’re speedy, powerful, and exciting to ride. That’s a great foundation for any session, waves or not. It’s also why these new Revos will comprise the bulk of our demo sail fleet this summer at Big Winds. Try one for yourself here!

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