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Big Winds Whitewater SUP Package

Big Winds has put together a package for all of the whitewater SUPers out there. We have tried a number of whitewater SUP boards and nothing compares to the 2014 Starboard Astro Stream 9’6.  This new inflatable whitewater SUP has been designed by five time whitewater champion Dan Gavere, who has helped grow the sport of whitewater from the early kayaking days to the ever evolving whitewater Stand Up scene. Dan has been a local Hood River source of knowledge and mentor to the Big Winds crew, helping us dial in our own Hood and White Salmon river runs on SUPs. We have been through a tremendous evolution over the years, having started off crushing 12′ epoxy boards, moving into (and quickly out of) the heavy plastic boards and trying to make inflatable surf boards work. Thank you, Dan, for helping design an inflatable SUP specifically for whitewater!

TJ paddles the Smith River

T.J. paddling the Smith River, Redwoods National Park. Photo: Gorge-Us Photography.

Over the years we have found a few key pieces of equipment essential for river running. We’ve put together a package to make your decision process easy and save you some coin along the way. Included with the 2014 Starboard Astro Stream 9’6, we offer a three piece breakdown Werner Carve adjustable paddle. Werner has been a key developer of whitewater paddles for decades and we couldn’t recommend a better paddle for durability, adjustability and convenience. You can store all three pieces in the Astro Stream bag.

The package includes a whitewater PFD with a breakaway belt, perfect for securing your Dakine SUP Coiled Leash, also part of the package. The MTI Thunder R-Spec is a newly designed whitewater rescue vest with the release located up front.

The final (and important!) piece of the package is the helmet. Many whitewater enthusiasts may already have a good helmet but we offer a solid water helmet from Triple 8.

This package makes it easy for our customers looking to hit up their backyard river runs! Give us a call if you have any questions about this package, want something more or different! Toll Free: 888-509-4210 or visit us online at