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2015 Naish Sails Review: Part 1

Late in September, Mark, our windsurfing manager, George, our rentals and lessons expert and I went out to Rowena to test some of the hottest new 2015 high wind gear. The wind was averaging 28 knots at Dougs according to iWindsurf and the water and air were still holding onto some lingering summer warmth.

Mark and I arrived to what appeared to be 3.7 to 4.2 conditions. George was already on the water tearing it up on the new Naish Global Wave S 78 and his Sailworks Revo 4.2. He was making it look good. We began our rigging frenzy.

2015 Naish Force Three 4.1

Having never sailed a three batten modern sail before I was excited to get the new Naish Force Three on the water. On the beach there were some slight wrinkles in the single Dacron luff panel that our Naish rep explained were necessary and would disappear on the water as the sail took shape. The Cross Batten certainly caught my eye as I was outhauling the tail edge of the batten is literally inches above the outhaul eyelet. This cross batten concept is thought to help increase power and give the sail a balanced feel. I was ready to find out.

Naish Force 3 at Big Winds

Naish Force 3

The walk down to the water was a pleasant one due to the light weight of the Force Three and the extra pair of flip flops Mark loaned me to negotiate the razor like Rowena Rocks. On the water the first thing I noticed was an incredible amount of low end power. This sail could PULL. I had it rigged fairly full but still never expected the amazing amount of grunt. Up and planing the sail had a very light feel which was especially evident during transitions. The sail was a pleasure to rotate and handle. I didn’t feel completely “dialed in” especially when pointing upwind during gusts and the sail could have probably used a little more outhaul. I would have loved to play around with the adjustments a little but that will have to wait for another day as it was time to try another sail — tough job but somebody has to do it!

— Matt Morrow
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Mark’s Sneak Preview of Naish Windsurf Gear

Fall in The Gorge continues to deliver a mix of west and east wind, in combination with some really beautiful, sunny weather. I have recently had a chance to sample the new 2014 Naish Starship 90 liter board with a 2014 Naish Vibe 5.0 sail on several occasions.

2014 Naish Starship

2014 Naish Starship

The Starship is Naish’s latest “Bump ‘n’ Jump / Onshore Wave” model that boldly picks up where the previous Koncept, Global, and Global Wave models left off. In west winds ranging from approximately 16-23 mph at the Spring Creek Fish Hatchery, the Starship has proven to be an awesome ride, blending quick planing response, a fast, lively and smooth feel underfoot, with confidence inspiring jibing character. The deck pads and footstraps also stand out as being exceptionally comfortable.

2014 Naish Vibe

2014 Naish Vibe

The combination of the new Vibe 5.0 and a Naish RDM 90 400cm mast felt perfectly balanced and totally predictable in its handling and maneuvering. The sail has a very light, crisp feel, and is forgiving in both bumpy conditions and when exiting jibes and maneuvers.

My overall impression is that this board and sail combination deliver solid performance and value for anyone looking for high quality, beautifully finished gear that will handle a wide variety of wind and water conditions with ease and style.

Naish Chopper update From The Hatchery 7/1/2012

After a brief taste of summer back in March when we got to test some gear in Maui, it finally felt like summer in the Gorge last Sunday! Windy, warm, and a good crew of people sailing at the Hatchery. I couldn’t wait to take my new Naish Chopper for a spin. I rigged up the Small and headed out. For the next 90 minutes, I was pretty much smiling nonstop. My session was elevated even further when my dad joined me on the water (on a matching Chopper, of course). Despite the gusty conditions (with some pretty large lulls), we were planing nearly the entire time due to the Chopper’s wide range and stability. As I carried my rig up the rocks, I felt satisfied. Perhaps my satisfaction was due to the fact that I hadn’t sailed in over two weeks—but I have a sneaking suspicion it could be due to my new favorite sail: the Chopper.

Erin and Steve Gates take their new Naish Choppers to the Hatch. Thanks to Trudy Lary for the photo