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2015 Naish Sails Review: Part 2

2015 Naish Force Five 5.3

The wind started to drop a bit and it was time to rig up. The Naish Force Five is touted as “a 5-batten wave sail perfect for riders who demand acceleration power and control” which is right up my alley. Visually, it looks spectacular. The yellow/grey/black sail color combo that we had is definitely easy on the eyes (really, it is gorgeous) and the 2015 Naish wave sails look bomb proof. Rigging was quick and easy. I loved the loop-and-go downhaul pulley and the easy to use downhaul pocket for extra line. The “radial clew” is apparently one of the strongest in the industry and certainly looks the part.

Unfortunately, I only got a couple of reaches in before the wind shut off so I didn’t get to fully put the sail through the paces. However, I certainly got to experience the balanced power that the sail delivers as I found myself still planing and having fun even after everyone else went in. While the Force Five has great low end power, once planing it felt rock solid and very stable.

I have been fortunate to have tried many brand new sails right out of the bag but I have never been so impressed by the clarity of a sail window before. Somehow the 2015 Naish Wave Sails seem as if the window wasn’t there. Even with the X-Ply Laminate they have a clarity that is nicer than a monofilm-only window. It made the river seem more open and clear and would certainly be advantageous on a wave. I found out that this is a new feature and is called a Spectraview II Window. I can certainly attest to Naish’s claim of “improved visibility”. It is amazing.

2015 Naish Session 4.2

2015 Naish Session

2015 Naish Session

Wow wow WOW! Being 185 lbs, I have, in the past, preferred the more powerful Naish Force to the Session but this 2015 Session is another story. Right away the 2015 Session put a big smile on my face it felt as though I had been sailing it for years. The sail was perfectly balanced even in the gusty conditions that we were experiencing. The soft leech helped spill wind when needed and the draft forward shape provided plenty of power to get me planing in the lulls.

I loved how easy the sail was to handle when riding swell it was very quick to depower when needed. I felt confident in every maneuver; the Session was very responsive and just a pleasure to sail. “Fast,” as Mark said when we were comparing our testing notes, “that Session just does everything a great sail is supposed to”. This felt like the perfect all round Gorge sail for any weight of rider and I can’t wait to get another “session” on it.

Chinook Quick Harness Lines

Harness lines don’t often get a lot of mention even though they can make or break a session if they are misaligned or the wrong size. I got to try the Chinook Quick Harness Lines for the first time and they are a game changer. First, they can be EASILY attached without needing to remove the boom end and second, the mono point design makes it SO much easier to adjust the position on the boom when on the water. I felt like I could get my line position dialed in about a quarter of the time as double attachment point lines. If you haven’t tried them highly recommend a pair as they make a world of difference.

–Matt Morrow

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